Collection of Hotel Quality Towels by Gold Textiles

Collection of Hotel Quality Towels by Gold Textiles


Hotel Collection towels are designed to be just like the ones you'd find in a hotel, but Gold textile's towels are better than those. They have more fibers and less water absorption, which makes them softer and more absorbent than regular bath towels. They come in different sizes and styles so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

What are hotel collection towels?

Hotel quality towels are made from a special kind of cotton that is softer and more absorbent than regular towels. They also have a higher thread count and are made from long fibers, which means they're much better at drying you off after a shower or bath. Hotel collection towels tend to cost more than your average towel, but they're worth it if you want something that dries quickly and doesn't leave any lint behind in your bathroom cupboard.

Why do hotel towels feel so good?

The softness of your hotel towels is not just a matter of quality. It's also about the type of cotton used, and it's all about the right kind of weave.

  • High-quality cotton: The most common types of cotton used in towels are Egyptian and Turkish long staples, which have a finer texture than other varieties. This means they're ideal for absorbing moisture from perspiration or water droplets on the skin.
  • Long staple vs Short Staple: Long staple fibers are longer than short-staple ones, so they can wick away moisture more efficiently when you're drying off after showering or bathing. Longer fibers also allow for stronger yarns that won't break apart when stretched over large areas like those found on hotel sheets or bathrobes, which means less chance there'll be holes.

How to care for your hotel towels

When it comes to caring for your hotel towels, there are some simple tips you can keep in mind.

First and foremost: use a bath mat to protect your floor when you're drying off after a shower or bath. The best way to prevent stains on your floor is by using a towel rack or holder that will keep the wet towels from soaking into the carpeting below.

Next, make sure that your hotel quality towels retain their fluffiness by using a towel warmer if needed or just hanging them up out of direct sunlight so they don't get too dry before being used again. You should also avoid using fabric softener because this will only cause more problems down the road. 

Best hotel collection towels and where to find them

The best hotel towels are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is the most absorbent and durable fabric on earth, making your favorite towel a good choice for any situation.

Gold textiles provide 100% cotton towels including long-staple Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton, which are also very fine but have a slightly rougher texture than Supima cotton.

You can get high-quality bath towels for hotels and make them just like a Spa. You can find the best quality towels online and get fluffy, luxurious bath towels for hotels or hospitals.


We have covered the basics here. You now know what hotel quality towels are, why Gold textiles towels are so good for your skin, and how to care for them. It is important to note that since these towels are made with 100% cotton, they can be suitable for those who love the feel of luxury or just want some extra comfort after a long day at work then the Gold Textiles option is endless.